Welcome to my Website!

Hey friend thanks for visiting!              This is my little website...              It is pretty basic but still nice I think.

Welcome to mywebsite!
Here you will find my cool projects and other things.

When i'm not watching youtube I will most likely be working on a project!
Currently i'm working on a custom json/lua browser and a
earthbound background tool, who knows when these things will release :/

Blog Area:

Gameboy Development experiments.


Nothing crazy just messing around with gameboy development kits and such. Also added golden comments on the guest book :P

Probably won't continue with it. It's fun but there isn't a whole lot you can do with it apart from make 4 color rpg's or platformers.

Rat Dance OwO


I found this funny rat it is super funny and makes me laugh.


Music player!


Yo angelo! today I bring you a rad little music player ;) it will appear as the red square. Try it out!

Anyways tell me what you think! Oh lookie spoilers!

Some gifs...


Yo angelo. I make some ugly 3d gifs if ya want one just contact me through discord.
Anways here they are :)

Hello NeoCities!


Hello people of the internet! welcome to my new website/blog it's quite basic right now and it doesn't really need to get more complicated tbh but I will post cool stuff here :D

For example I have been working a retro/Hypnospace inspired browser! speaking of here is what the format looks like. Crazy right? Just a bunch of json! And base64 that actually decodes into a .spc tracker song which the custom browser can play ;) though I may end up having to do something as it really clutters up the json... You can see what the page looks like below!

Well that is all for now. Come back soon and I will probably have some more progress!
Oh yeah if you have a good name for the browser please contact me!

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